by among moons

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an EP about the 4 people i dated, recorded in my bedroom


released May 23, 2014



all rights reserved


among moons Pasadena, California

among moons is the solo music project of sean pluto, based in pasadena, CA

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Track Name: the sea between us
hey i'll pull far
keep me in dreams you once had

leave the seasons
can't feel her good thoughts anymore
can you see it
the growing coastlines from mine to yours

let's go dancing
let's go lose ourselves in this
let's fall back in love
so we can fall back out again
Track Name: indie love
hold it slow, so i can hide
so i can hide all alone
with you, within my mind
within my mind all alone
confused in the middle of the night

here comes summertime rolling through the sadness
hoping you'll move past it
oh little indie girl wading in the shallow wake
afraid to catch a real wave
i know better than to go and fall in love with you
hold your hand and watch it bruise
you come running like it's in your blood to follow through
but we both know it's nothing new

come undone, and we'll go far
and we'll go far into the light
and soon, i'll stay for a while
i'll stay for a while in the light
with you in the back of a car
the back of a car into the night
and you, you'll change my mind
Track Name: xoxo
it’s all openin’ up, i see the whole world wide
they told me once before, i’ll bloom before i die
but i have nowhere else to find
and i have nothing else in mind
but i’ll hold on and

she came down dancing lonely like a breaking moon
daydream and drowning in a party by a swimming pool
align my nightmares and pale skin that i never knew
xoxo and it’s written in something true
beyond the sunset i’ll find out everything i’ll lose
come hold my love and break my heart into the deep end’s blue

so we abandon roots, so we abandon life
to go and find ourselves, to go and feel a night
i hear a kid again, growing inside my mind
and it’ll all come down, it’ll all be gone
cause i, i’ll lose my sight
and i, i’ll see in black and white
and remember when

maybe one day when morning comes
i’ll go outside and i’ll sit on my rooftop
maybe then i’ll see
that is and isn’t
Track Name: girlfriend
i remember when the first night fell on your face
i remember little parts of us we left in that place
i was just about to hide all night
i was just about to find my inner peace behind my eyes

too light
too light

girlfriend, why can't we just run away from it

into the dark with both of our hands held up high
i hear the whipsers, 'don't worry dear we'll be alright'
i can feel it in my soul, i can feel the need for me fall out
i can feel it in the wind, the way you want out of the here and now

too quiet
too quiet

girlfriend, why can't we just run away from it