moments of a life that once made sense

by among moons

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an EP about reflection, recorded in my bedroom.


released January 23, 2014



all rights reserved


among moons Pasadena, California

among moons is the solo music project of sean pluto, based in pasadena, CA

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Track Name: long flights
good morning my sunrise
take my mind off the good nights
and come to me and say
that every day since her has been
exactly the same

i'm on an airplane
caught up in nothing
i can't close my eyes
i'm too afraid the flight
will be over when i wake

and when we land
nothing will have changed
Track Name: there's a planet revolving around the sun
hello little one
trapped in her inner thoughts
and fragile frame
you haven't left your bedroom
in what feels like a thousand years
and i know that you're still in there
i wanna fix that broken window
so i can climb back in
and take you out and
re-teach you how to breathe
easy coming, easy going
that's the way they always taught us
well it gets a little harder
when your heart stops pumping love
and then sooner or later
tomorrow never seems to get here
and you wonder why the universe
had twenty billion stars
all connected by a big black sky
but no one lives forever
what's the point in all the infinity
if we won't be around
and i hear those voices in your head
they tell you it's not worth it
and they come through so much clearer
than the other people's fear
and your father and your mother
they are in two different worlds by now
but one comes back to haunt you
and reminds you that it's real
little love looking out your moon roof
at the stars
won't help you get there
and i'm sorry for all the sadness
but you sleeping won't ease your pain
but there's a planet revolving around the sun
and somehow we're both one it
when we look up at the galaxy
we both see the same moon
if there's no beauty in that thought
i don't think there ever will be
just remember when you're lonely
that i'm not that far away